No Skiing On Mars

Mars may be the next frontier for human settlement, but it sucks as ski destination. Our planet is amazing, and we must help protect it!

The “No Skiing on Mars” capsule collection is a collaboration between Protect Our Winters UK (POW) and Planks Clothing. Through sales of this limited collection, made from recycled fabrics, we aim to raise 5000 pounds*. This donation will fund POW’s Carbon Literacy program, which is already changing individual’s and business’ carbon consumption for the better.


The last 10 years were the hottest on record and by 2050 it’s going to get a whole lot hotter. Experts estimate a global temperature rise of more than two degrees, nearly three. The effect on nature, agriculture and human society, particularly in developing nations, will be unprecedented. We still have an opportunity to change; that’s why POW’s work, fighting for our planet, is so important.


With guidance from POW, we have outlined Planks’ environmental goals for the future and plotted our roadmap to get there. It will culminate in a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 and the goal of being NetZero by 2037.

Don’t be a Space Cadet, protect Planet Earth.

*The £5000 target will be raised through a donation of 25% of gross margin from No Skiing on Mars product sales. The £5000 target is based on forecast sales numbers – the exact amount may vary. Protect Our Winters UK is an Edinburgh based company.

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