How to Help Protect Our Winters

With our No Skiing on Mars capsule collection we’re raising funds for Protect Our Winters UK. The good people at POW are fighting to reduce the climate crisis through activism, by lobbying governments, and by sharing knowledge with individuals and organisations, to empower them to make important changes.

The scale of the climate challenge is so huge that it’s hard to know where to start. Here are three actions, courtesy of our friends at POW UK, that everybody can take to begin tackling climate change:


Start somewhere

Lifestyle changes can't defeat climate change alone, but they help, and they empower us to take other actions. Great examples are: taking a single two-week holiday, rather than two week-long holidays; finding alternatives to using a car where possible; switching to renewable electricity; changing your bank to ensure your money isn't funding fossil fuels.

support campaigning groups

The biggest opportunity to put our planet back on track is by contributing to systemic changes. There are many campaign groups that need support to fight for these changes. POW UK is currently running a “Divest the Dirt” campaign - In just 1 minute you can help POW lobby UK councils to divest £10bn of investments from fossil fuels.

push companies you like to get involved

Business is responsible for the majority of global emissions. Through work and commerce, we interact with hundreds of them. Where you spend your money changes how businesses operate, so choose carefully. You can also ask companies directly to act, such as asking outdoor organisations to take the POW Pledge (like Planks!)

“We cannot individually recycle our way out of the climate crisis.”
– Dom Winter, Sustainability | Program Manager at Protect Our Winters UK

want to learn more?

Understanding how to best bring about change and empowering people to create it is why POW UK runs its Carbon Literacy Training. It’s an accredited, one day course to give an awareness of the climate costs and impacts of everyday activities, plus the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisation basis.

Find out why we are not eco friendly and what we’re doing about it.

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