The Brighton Series

Thanks to Mike Blatt, we at The Hood Crew received media passes to do our thing all winter long. Having never been to Brighton myself, I jumped at every opportunity I could to film. I'm glad to report that Brighton's parks live up to my expectations from watching edits over the past few years. The Dirty B is a greasy rail mecca. The endlessly long park run has an amazing mix of classically great features like down rails, kinks, up rails, and curved rails, along with creative builds and combinations like the pole jam-mailbox, S-to-C rail, and Meeks' quad kink. Thanks to the head-turning all-star crew that came out to film every time, the winter series produced 8 banger edits, and I'm excited to have been in half of them. Check out those 4 below! Brightown, with Sam Hurst and Forster Meeks murdering while Scrappy Joe put on a lesson "Brightown" School Days, when almost everybody in the crew got in the edit "School Days" Tough Little Cookie, when my ski legs finally started to feel "back" after surgery "Tough Little Cookie" B, the leftovers edit "B" Huge thanks to Mike Blatt for putting in work, and to Brighton Resort for the tickets. Check out more from The Hood Crew @

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