Val d'Isère's Most Wanted

On Wednesday 6th April, Val d’Isère was rocked by what is being called the biggest heist in its history. Bigger even, than the Great Baguette Burglary of 1974.

Over the course of the day, Planks' vault was raided again-and-again by members of a secretive organisation named “The FUSS”. Video surveillance revealed that more than 80 crooks set out at the start of the day to crack the code and break the safe. The value of goods looted from the retailer is estimated to run into thousands of Euros.

The first crew to break the safe was a local gang going by the name “Nice Cock”. These lunatics cracked the code in a startling 3hrs 35mins. Over the course of the day 12 more crews robbed the shocked ski clothing retailer. Planks founder and Val d’Isère resident, Jim Adlington said:

“Mate, it was nuts! They robbed us blind!”

In the aftermath, special crime units have been mobilised and the hunt for the culprits is on. Rumour has it the FUSS will strike again, but where and when? That’s anyone’s guess.

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