A Planks Guide to Ski Jargon

Ever found yourself wondering what the hell the crew on the lift next to you are talking about? With every sport comes it’s own lingo and skiing for sure has a language of it’s own and has a nasty habit of changing as every new generation of Newschoolers floods into resorts across the Alps.

Here’s our top 10 word’s or phrases you’re gonna wanna know when heading out to ‘shred the gnar’!

1)    Après

Snooze or booze. What you do after a hard day’s shredding.

2)    Death Before Download

Don’t be a massive doucebaggette and get the lift down when your legs are tired. Shred till the end!

3)    Face Shot

Not to be confused with the other kind of face shot! A rare event when the pow is so deep it smacks you right in the kisser!

4)    Gnarly

Mega extreme, radical and dangerous! GNARLLLYYY MAN!

5)    Jib/ Jibbing

Slaying anything that isn’t snow. Usually park features but can also be applied to side country hits!

6)    Chowder

Chopped up powder or snow – not to be taken lightly, this stuff is a thigh burner.

7)    Gaper Gap

That massive chunk of offensive forehead flesh showing between helmet and goggles.

8)    Yard Sale

Skis, poles, helmet, goggles and dignity thrown ALL over the slope!

9)    Steeze

Style with ease! What your Dad never quite get’s right.

10)    Shred

Ski everything like your life depends on it!

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