#PlanksGrassroots Video Competition Entries 2017: Part 1

The deadline for the #PlanksGrassroots Video Competition has now come to a close. The entries have been coming in thick and fast! We’ve seen a huge display of awesomeness that the UK ski community has to offer, heaps of style, tech and passion. Now it’s down to our judges to pick the winners, which believe us, is going to be no easy task.
You can judge the sheer talent coming through yourselves, check out some of our entries below. Part 2 coming soon! 

Joe Harkass

planks tdc entry from joe harkess on Vimeo.

Sam Allen

Robert Curtis

Robert Curtis - Planks Grass Roots Edit 2017 from Robert Curtis on Vimeo.

Tom Binney

Tom Binney | Planks Grassroots Entry from Tom Binney on Vimeo.

Lex Brown

Lex Brown | Planks Grassroots Entry from LexSki on Vimeo.

Will Tucker

Planks Grassroots from Will Tucker on Vimeo.


Max Rye

Max Rye | Planks Grassroots Entry from Max Rye on Vimeo.

Rob Kingsland

The Planks Grassroots Video Contest - Rob Kingsland from British Freeride on Vimeo.

Dean Harris

Micheal Clark & Callum Rennie

Planks Grassroots Competition from Michael Clark on Vimeo.

Daniel Hughes

Downday Dreams from Daniel Hughes on Vimeo.

John Stweart

Louis Charnaud

Joss Baldwin

Joss Baldwin - Planks Grass Roots from Joss Baldwin on Vimeo.

Mark Donnelly

Grasstoots from Killamuffin_ on Vimeo.

Row Emery

Row Emery | Planks Grassroots Entry from Row Emery on Vimeo.

Chris McCormick

Chris McCormick Planks Grass Roots from Matt McCormick on Vimeo.

Josh Porter

Mason Ferebee

Mason Ferebee Planks Edit from Enjoy The View on Vimeo.

Mike Howe

Mike Howe - Planks grass roots entry from Michael Howe on Vimeo.

Harry Shaw

Harry Shaw Grassroots Edit from Harry Shaw on Vimeo.

Justin Taylor Tipton

Justin Taylor-Tipton | Planks Grassroots Entry from Row Emery on Vimeo.

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