Tell A Friend Tour

A little over two weeks ago one of our new team riders Andy Parry arrived in the UK along with friends Will Wesson and Sämi Ortlieb for the first ever international stops on his Tell A Friend Tour. For almost 2 weeks the crew travelled the length of the UK meeting up with the best local riders and visiting some of the finest indoor and dry slopes the country has to offer. The concept behind the tour is to give up and coming local riders the chance to meet, hang out and ski with top pros from all over the world at their very own home resort. Andy has already been running the tour successfully for a few years over in the states but was super excited to be taking it on the road to new places.

Andy stokes out the kids at Beasden. Photo: Neil McGrain

Tom_fixes_RalphTour guide Tom Coe tries to fix Ralph the campervan. Photo: Will Wesson

Predictably the tour didn't always go quite as planned with their campervan breaking down before they even made it to the second stop in Castleford. But a back up plan was quickly formed and with some alternative accommodation all sorted we headed off to pick them up in a couple of cars instead. We just about managed to get everyone to the slope in the nick of time and as Andy explained to us on the way there, "These things happen and there's nothing you can do. It's just the way of the road!"

[half][/half]Andy and George sessioning the down rail! Photo: Joe Webster

02-CasSO1Sämi making the most of the free pizza! Photo: Joe Webster


02-CasT02 Sämi enjoying one of the best setups of the tour at Snozone, Castleford. Photo: Joe Webster

During the downtime all the guys were super keen to explore what else the UK had to offer and we hit up two different surf spots, multiple skate parks and even managed to squeeze in some punting in Cambridge.

IMG_2441 Heading out to the break in Cromer, Norfolk and exploring Cambridge city centre by punt. Photo: Rob Embling

The riders had all skied indoors before but were generally dry slope virgins and it was especially interesting watching them get to grips with skiing on dendix. But what was most refreshing was watching them interacting with all the young kids that had made the effort to come along and see them. While the kids gave them tips on how to ride on carpet, they gave the kids pointers on the new tricks they were trying to learn and once all the skiing was done they handed out free pizza, signed posters and watched as everyone left with a smile on their face.

The crew lines up to drop in at Norwich. Photo: Will Wesson

Sami check out the features at Stoke. Photo: Will Wesson

Only one thumb was broken in the making of this picture. Photo: Will Wesson

All in all the tour was a huge success with almost a hundred kids all trying to get a slice of the action at our final stop in Hemel. Their will be a full video of the tour out very soon and there is even talk that they may come back again at some point. So keep you ayes peeled for more news very soon.

 Andygets ready to hand out some prizes! Photo: Rob Embling

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