The Classic Hoodie Vs The Riding Hoodie

Riding hoodies have come a long way over the last decade. Have you ever been colder than a gold-digger’s heart on a sluggish chairlift or soaked in enough water to host a pool party on the homerun? Thanks to technical riding hoodies, you can rock a street inspired style on the mountain, with some of the same benefits as a ski jacket. On and off the mountain, these multi-purpose pieces are ideal for every outdoor mission you throw at them… mountain biking, skating, hiking or stomping around a muddy festival.

the classic hoodie

If you love to feel mountain air rushing through your soul, then a classic hoodie might be for you. Some of us don’t fall enough to soak up the snow, but in reality, most of us do. A classic hoodie is mediocre in keeping up with the adventure-thirsty lives that we live, they quickly fade after too many bluebird days or become less fresh after every wash. But that being said, there’s nothing cosier than a classic hoodie on a down-day, while you watch back-to-back ski movies.


● Warm

● Comfy for down-days

● Better for good weather or life indoors

● Made from 30% recycled polyester

the riding hoodie

This is the streetwear and outerwear crossbreed. It looks, feels and hangs like a hoodie, but there’s a lot more to it than first meets the eye. A DWR coating repels water, so you won’t take half the mountain with you after every fall. With mountain-friendly features like a zip-up kangaroo pocket, you are less likely to lose your valuables, like Jerry’s GoPro somewhere under that chair. And there’s a lift pass pocket, to avoid holding up the lift queue while you dry-hump the turnstile. Finally, and most importantly, as it’s made from 100% recycled polyester this hoodie feels fresh and looks lit for longer. Fast fashion is undeniably bad for the planet we love and ski. Invest in a hoodie that’s here for a long time, not just a good time.


● Warmer

● Water-resistant/repellent

Hangs like a classic hoodie

● Zip-up kangaroo pouch

● Lift pass pocket

● Durable & long-lasting

● Made from 100% recycled polyester

the soft shell riding hoodie

Now, this is the righteous MVP in the technical streetwear space. It doesn’t really hang or drape like a classic hoodie, because it’s way too techy for that. It’s got all of the mountain-friendly features the Riding Hoodie has, but this bad-ass rubs shoulders with a ski jacket, more than its younger siblings. The Soft Shell Riding Hoodie is a jacket in its own right, it just doesn’t look like one. Rain or shine, if you get caught in wild weather this fully waterproof soft shell will have your back. This is the warmest and most technical riding hoodie money can buy.


● Warmest

● 5k waterproof & 5k breathable

● Windproof

● Zip-up kangaroo pouch

● Lift pass pocket

● Durable & long-lasting

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